Available Goldador Puppies

Eight Goldador Puppies on a bench resting.

Luna and Buddy's Puppies

Em-bark on an enchanting journey of our F2 Goldador puppies, born on a magical Christmas Eve. Luna and Buddy, our cherished Goldadors, have gifted a litter that embodies the ideal blend of charm, energy, and love.

  • 4 Black Males
  • 3 Cream Males
  • 3 Black Females
  • 1 Cream Female

These adorable puppies are waiting to become a part of your family's adventures. Welcome a Goldador into your life today!

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English Cream Golden Retriever Goldador Puppies

Mini and Buddy's Puppies

Welcome to Mini and Buddy's enchanting Goldador litter, born December 29th. These puppies, blending their parents' traits, are the perfect start to the new year.
Mini is a gentle Cream Golden Retriever, Mini is loving and eager to be close to her people. Her natural motherly instincts and affectionate nature are heartwarming.

Introducing the Puppies:

  • 3 Black Females
  • 2 Cream Females
  • 2 Black Males

Combining Mini's serenity with Buddy's vitality, these puppies offer the best of both worlds. They're intelligent, loving, and ready to bring joy to your home.

Most of these are long fur goldador puppies!!

Don't miss the chance to welcome one of these delightful Goldadors into your family. Begin the new year with a new, loyal companion!

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Harlow and Prince Caspian's 2024 Litter

Exciting News! Harlow had her goldador puppies!! She delivered a healthy litter of 11 pups. They range in color from a beautiful golden red, to a light cream color. Harlow and Caspian's temperament is sure to shine through these pups! Harlow is a sweet snuggle bug. She is tender hearted, but full of fun energy and would love to chase a ball if thrown for her. Caspian is a handsome boy. His favorite activities consist of playing fetch and playing more fetch. Harlow and Caspian are both obedient, people centered dogs. These puppies are sure to bring joy to home! To see more pictures of these pups, click HERE.

6 boys were born to this litter. Along with 5 girls. These Goldadors will be going to their forever homes March 30th.

Contact Nick for all the details on Harlow's litter of Goldador Puppies and to secure a spot on the waiting list!


Our Goldador Puppies Are $2,500