“Raleigh is a crowd favorite on the streets of Portland; everywhere we go, from walks, to doggy daycare, to sitting at a restaurant patio. I can’t walk him very far without someone fawning over him. He’s been so good… he is doing really well with other dogs and I don’t think he has met a stranger. The biggest challenge is keeping him from wanting to say hello to everyone!”


“Santana’s first night was perfect, he whimpered for about 2 minutes in the crate, then fell asleep until 6:45 a.m. He has just been fabulous; he loves our twin toddler grandsons! …he loves his toys!”


“He is an attention grabber everywhere we go. He is one happy dog!”


“We’ll definitely come back to you – Logan is such a perfect little guy we want another!”


“What first attracted our interest was the website which is an accurate account of a family business that loves what they are doing. A dog from that environment would be worth the 14 hour drive. From the day she was born till the day we picked her up at 8 weeks old, the Millard family kept us informed through texts and pictures. Shelby has been everything we could have hoped for and more! She is full of personality and her unique looks attract a lot of comments and questions. At the dog park, she is more interested in the people than the other dogs. She is affectionate, playful and ready for adventures.” 


I spent over six months looking for a Black Labrador/Golden Retriever mix on the East Coast. After searching for what seemed like forever without any luck, I finally stumbled across the Oregon Goldador Website. I was drawn to the family atmosphere and immediately reached out. From the point of reaching out to River delivering her puppies, Karissa and Josie were great at keeping me updated. As soon as the litter arrived, I got a text and photos. Even though I was in Connecticut, I still felt like I got to watch these puppies grow. Karissa always graciously replied to my questions and never once did I feel like I was bothering her, but talking to a friend. I picked up Killian this July – and he is such a little love. That doesn’t come as a surprise to me as you can tell how much this family cares for their dogs when you meet them. No matter where I go, Killian is the center of attention. He’s smart, loving, and playful. I couldn’t have picked a better place to get a puppy.
-Nicole Cerruto

Potty training is going great! We can hardly wait for puppy teeth to fall out. Calla is very social but not sure about water; she loves children, eats well and is a good night sleeper. She is already kennel trained and she sits shakes and is pretty good about coming unless she is chewing on something that she really likes. She picks up everything. We love her!

Groot is 7 months now and growing. He was a tiny little thing when we picked him up. He has grown fast. He loves play time and pets. He gets jealous of my laptop and puts his toys or his face on the keyboard to stop me from working and sits down by the couch to be petted. He even gets jealous if my daughter sits on my lap.

“Our girl is two now!!! This was on her birthday. Juno is doing fantastic! Great on leash off leash dog. Just hysterical humor she has. She is a happy baby!!! Plays well with others too!”


Kiza is the sweetest little girl.  She has been a joy to train and is eager to please.  She tolerates the car and is able to go almost everywhere I go.  We love her to pieces and we think she is beautiful. She is very smart.  She has learned the following commands:  sit, sit pretty, give a paw and other paw, leave it, search, drop, go to her rug, stand up, go to bed, scooch (belly crawl), scoot, kitchen, dance, heel and” right here” (where she walks at my side).  She is great at loose leash walking.  She has learned an emergency recall and comes to a whistle (unless there is a rabbit to chase). We continue to work on that.  She is fabulous with people.  The folks at Mudd Bay love her.  She doesn’t bark at other dogs on the street and greets people very well.  She loves her spot on the couch and as she grows there is less room for me to squeeze in.  She loves being on the beach.  When no one is around, she is allowed off the leash to run and chase birds.  She is getting over her fear of waves and made it in the water up to her knees last weekend.  Her only difficulty is that she eats everything she finds.  We are working on that.  At present, all her toys are hard Nyla bones or Kongs.

 Brinkley & Sierra

We chose to get two puppies from Oregon Goldadors in order to ensure companionship for our “babies”, and they have been so much fun!  Brinkley and Sierra are so wonderful and loving toward each other – always choosing to hang out near each other instead of doing their own separate thing.  They are the sweetest and happiest dogs! They absolutely love people and have tons of fun playing with each other as well as any other animals who come their way. They love to play ball, tug-o-war, and with anything that squeaks. Brinkley and Sierra by far have the best nature of any dogs we’ve ever had, and we are thoroughly pleased with Josie and everyone at Oregon Goldadors!

It is Kim family here! We just wanted to check-in with you guys on how much we love our dog Lloyd. We got him from you back in April 2018 and his parents are Sir Bentley and Dakota. He is a healthy and beautiful dog and we could not be happier. He has a wonderful personality with the perfect balance of intelligence, obedience, friendliness and calmness. He is a natural retriever and water dog and loves nothing more than playing fetch! He had no issues potty  training him and was the star of his obedience classes. He does excellent in all outdoor settings whether that is hiking, running, swimming in the mountains or by the ocean. Most of all, he loves his humans and our other dog Suki and has been the perfect addition to our family. We highly recommend Oregon Goldadors. Thanks again!

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