Family Picture

The Hard Family

Lebanon, Oregon

Our family farm is located at the foothills of the Cascades just outside of Lebanon Oregon. Our family has been breeding Goldadors and English Cream Golden Retrievers for over 11 years and every day we have fallen deeper in love with these wonderful dogs.  From day one our entire family has worked together to ensure: a happy, healthy environment along with exercise and socialization.  Our farm abounds with skinned knees, wagging tails  and lots of love.  Frolicking children and puppies are a common sight on any given day. Our dogs are a big part of our lives; camping, hiking, swimming, and cruising in kayaks across beautiful Oregon lakes…. Wherever we go paw prints are sure to follow.

Caleb + Aleah Wedding 2023

The Vandehey Family

Lebanon, Oregon

Hello, my name is Nick. My beautifuy wife is Savannah, and our daughter is named Sadie. Our dog is Harlow. She's a beautiful and loving red retriever who lives to spend time with her people. we also have some other animals. Savannah loves ducks, so we have lots of those. I'm obsessed with chickens so we have a few of them. Sadie's best friend is our cats "Tiger Girl" and "Puma".
We live in a tiny house just down the hill from our family’s farm. Some of our favorite things are the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, homesteading and gardening. Our dream is to have a large farm of our own one day. 

My wifes mom (Josie) taught us all we know. My wife has been helping out with the breeding process since the beginning. Our puppies get lots of time playing with our nephews and friends. 

Jorge + Mariah Wedding 2021

The Rodriguez Family

Lebanon, Oregon

Hello. I’m Mariah Rodriguez. I have been a part of our family dog breeding program since our discovery of this fantastic breed. My little black Labrador was Mama to our family’s first Goldador litter.
I’ve enjoyed countless hours with our dogs and puppies over the years and now share this joy with my husband “Jorge”, our daughter and her new baby brother.
Jorge and I were married in 2021 and have been eagerly looking forward to raising our family and being more a part of Oregongoldadors. We have recently moved to our 2.5 acre property just next door to the family farm and are excited to be building a home surrounded by family and furry friends.
Jorge and I love building a life and family together and are happy to have our dogs (Luna, Buddy, Mini and Chai) as a part of our day to day lives. Whether we’re gardening, working, planning or playing there are sure to be wagging tails close by.