Our  Dogs

Our   Sires

Prince Caspian (Sire)

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is our handsome stud! He is a fun, mellow puppy at heart who has a big personality. Caspian enjoys fetch and will play it all day long; he loves being in the middle of all the action.

Buddy. Goldador Sire


Buddy, our black Goldador is known for his vibrant energy and playfulness. He's enthusiastic about interactive games like fetch and loves being in the water. His obedience, especially during feeding, showcases his well-trained nature. Physically robust and agile, Buddy's glossy coat and athletic build reflect his excellent health. As a sire, he imparts his gentle, playful demeanor and striking looks to his puppies, alongside a very well-rounded personality.

Our   Dams

Honey Bear Goldador puppy Dam

Honey Bear

Honey Bear is our newest family member. Honey is such a lovable, attentive little lady. Our Honey loves to just follow at the heels of her people. We are truly enjoying our new beauty. Honey and Prince Caspian's puppies are very light cream colored.

Honey bear has cream Goldador puppies.

Harlow (Momma Dog)


Harlow is a beautiful Red Retreiver. She is so very sweet and loves to snuggle her people. She is energetic and loves fetch and swimming. But her favorite thing is belly rubs. She is a very chill dog that mostly lays around and watches what is going on around her. She loves kids and is very gentle with them. Harlow also loves to go on adventures and explore new places with her people.

For more info about Harlow and her Goldador puppies, please Contact Nick.

Harlow has cream, golden, and red Goldador puppies.

Goldador Puppy Mama


Luna is one of our very own Goldadors! She is the daughter of Prince Caspian and Ms. Blossom. Luna is a gorgeous Goldador, who loves to play with her toys, she loves playing fetch with our little boys. Luna is a wonderful blend of athleticism, and sweet friendly companion.

Her puppies will be 1/4 lab, and 3/4 english cream retriever.

Luna has Cream Goldador puppies.

Goldador Mama


Dakota is our fun-loving, stick-gathering sweetheart, water is her favorite hobby. Dakota has a delightfully sweet and mellow personality that always puts a smile on your face.

Dakota has black Goldador puppies.

Goldador Mama


ai is a special new addition to our Oregon Goldadors family. Her calm and gentle demeanor is such a good addition to our house! (We have 3 boys 6 and under.) She loves to go on adventures with my boys in the Large field behind our home. Playing fetch and meeting new friends makes her day! She is a beautiful Chocolate Labrador.

Chai has black Goldador puppies.

Goldador Mama


Sydney is a mild-tempered sweetheart, that is eager to please and full of love. She loves water and playing fetch with her favorite toy.

Sydney has cream Goldador puppies.

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